Run 2 classes at same event ?

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Run 2 classes at same event ?

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Can i run in 2 classes at the same event ?
In my case SMB and PSB
How to ?
I registred Drachten internationals in SMB and have weekend ticket payed.
Can i register for PSB at the event ? Depends on start times (shedule) for both classes .

I dont understand not a lot here , but i give my best to go fast forward

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Re: Run 2 classes at same event ?

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All the classes are driven sequentually, most of the time OSL cars, SLB Bikes, SE cars, SMB Bikes, etc..

So it should be possible to start in 2 classes.

I am not from registration, but I think you need to create a second vehicle (and second startnumber) to race in 2 classes. And then you need to register twice for the event (1 registration per class).

Money wise I am not sure, but you have to pay for the second class to, but how I unfortunately do not know.

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