Rules and Regulations DHRA Dragracing

• Always follow the directions given by race officials, DHRA & Security employees.
• Camping only at the places designated by the DHRA.
• Everyone is required to wear the correct weekend (visitor/crew/driver) wristband.
• Security has far-reaching ability; follow their instructions.
• No self-brought alcoholic beverages.
• Back and forth driving is forbidden on the whole area; no burn-outs or donuts in the grass.
• Maximum speed outside asphalt strip is 5 km / h.
• It is forbidden to eat / drink or smoke in the start area.
• Drug use is not permitted at the event.
• Open fires are prohibited, barbecues allowed; please don’t leave the charcoal behind on the grass, clean it up.
• After 23:00 the rest goes in; so no loud music.
• Keep the sanitary facilities clean and dispose of the waste in the containers / bins.
• First Aid is available for emergencies.
• Club colours are not permitted.
• The distribution of flyers of events is only permitted after written permission from the DHRA.
• Drive normally going home, take into account speed controls.

Attention !! • There are adjusted opening times; the gate closes at 23:00 in the evening and opens again at 09:00. If you want to leave the site in an emergency, you can do it, but you will not be able to return to the site, unless you have received permission from the security officer beforehand. • The DHRA cannot be held liable for personal injury and / or loss or damage to property and / or goods in any case. • The campsite is done at full deductible. • DHRA may, at its own discretion, refuse access to or remove access from the campsite for every person which does not comply with the regulations.

We urge you to comply with these rules. That means that we do not cause unnecessary inconvenience. We have to leave the events area clean with your help. Failure to comply with the internal regulations may imply that the damage and / or costs incurred by DHRA are recovered from the party causing the damage.

If you can race less or not at all because of the weather conditions or the terrain condition (so-called rain down), there will be no refund of the participation fee. Refunds only apply if the organization is forced to cancel the event in the week before the event (no later than Tuesday morning before 10.00 am) due to the terrain condition or weather forecasts. In principle, this is done by transferring the payment to the next round. In this case no claim can be made for reimbursement of costs incurred.