DHRA- The Main Event 2019

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Dear Participants.

DHRA has been organizing Dragrace Events on Drachten for many years. What many do not know is the cost of making this possible. Often these events cost more than the registration, sponsorship and entrance fees combined.

The magic word is often saving and promotion, but the number of visitors has been very low for years, despite Facebook advertisements, exhibition visits, flyers etc.

Among other things, this has resulted that the costs in 2018 where many times higher than the revenues. This has caused DHRA a gap in the budget of around € 20,000. This means that the last reserves have been tapped. As a result, the volunteers of the DHRA had to work very hard again at various events with the DHRA timekeeping to earn back and hopefully build up reserves again to guarantee the annual investment in the timekeeping equipment.

For this we want to thank all these volunteers who, with all their passion, devote themselves to dragracing. We would not have been able to do it this year without these guys/girls.


It also made us well aware that we cannot do this again. We cannot repeat this to our suppliers and certainly not to our volunteers who needs to work so hard to straighten it out again.

Due to laws and regulations there is a license obligation for dragracing in the Netherlands. Whether we like it or not. Whether we agree or disagree. This is the new reality!

However, we see the registrations declining. A big thank you to the unions for allowing day licenses under limited conditions.

You can already feel it coming but without enough registered participants who have also bought tickets, we can’t but above all we do not want to run that much risk again. A number of loyal drivers have registered and paid!

This means that at least 130 participants must have registered and paid before 8 August 2019 for the event to continue. If this is not achieved, the registration fees will be refunded and we will continue to prepare DHRA – The Finals from 20-22 Sept. 2019 but the race in August will be cancelled.

We will do everything in the meantime to make the event a success, but this is not possible without your contribution!

Please note, the race from 20 to 22 Sept also counts for the German DMSB Pokal in addition to the Dutch Championships.