Who is DHRA

The Street Legal Drags program is a registered trademark by the NHRA. In Europe, the usage rights of this program is given to Tony Rowe, former two-time NHRA drag racing champion. Since then the developments of the program follow  rapidly on, and today we run our operation from a foundation in Heemskerk, Netherlands. In the day-to-day management of our Foundation have a whole mix of people with different backgrounds. However they all have several properties in common:

  • We love Dragracing
  • Customer Friendliness
  • Accessibility

With the street racers as the largest part of our customer base this can only be a success. Our current staff currently consists of:
President: Cary Copper
Motorsport Director/Promoter: Tony Rowe
Assistant Director: Gerard Roelofsen
Tech Inspector: Gerard Roelofsen, Marcel Gouma, Jos Hamhuis
Race officials:Danny Sanders, Kenneth Gosenshuis, Pieter Hof,
Distributor: DHRA

When your company wants to be involved in Operation: Street Legal as a sponsor, partner or race location than I would ask you to contact Tony Rowe, Gerard Roelofsen and Danny Sanders by sending an email to keuring@dhra.nl we will contact you as soon as possible to the various possibilities.

Do you want to be member of our program and you have a question that is not covered in the FAQ section please email with your question to keuring@dhra.nl and we will answer your question as soon as possible.

We have also need volunteers to help us during a race. Do you want to help us? Please send an email to info@dhra.nl and tell us who you are, what your background is and why you want to help us.