King of Europe 2012

Harry Kempenaar

 By constant performance on all EDRS matches and wining the most points available Harry Kempenaar, from picturesque village Kollum, with his Pontiac firebird managed to be honored as first EDRS winner. The grant prize is a trip to a dragrace event at the Las Vegas motor speed way, this trip is sponsorred by Tony Rowe Enterprises.
Harry raced 3 matches in Germany and at all the Dutch  races at the DHRA championship.

Harry was supremely this year because he had gotten a license from Frank Hawley’s dragracing school, the EDRS winner of 2012  won this course by being  the first in the 10 sec on the 1/4mile at the DHRA in 2011.

The success obtained in 2012 is partly thanks to Harry’s crew chief, his 11-year-old daughter Janita, which Harry put all the season on the spot for the burnout and gave instructions for a good launch and never forgot the savety pin of the brake parachute.

The pontiac has performed fine partly because, for the first time this year, a hefty shot nitrous oxide.
Damage to the rear axle, because of the added power, was the only reason to be on the side for few runs in 2012, for the rest the home build firebird performed great.

Harry has plans for the winter, to be even faster, more reliable and safer to race the 402m. Everything will be put in the works to let the Pontiac  perform better in 2013.