What is DHRA

Street Legal Drags is a drag racing program for “street legal” cars and bikes and is held on dragstrips and/or circuits. We race according to the grudge principle. This means that everyone chooses his/her own opponent. Qualify goes heads-up (one start simultaneously), eliminating for the contest goes into some classes with handicap. This means that every driver has his own time on the ¼ mile, this is called “Bracket racing”.

Example: A Civic has an index time of 14 seconds. A Dodge has an index time of 13.5 seconds. At the start, the Civic leaves 0.5 seconds earlier than the Dodge. Through this bracket principle it stays fair for the drivers because everyone has the same chance to take the victory. It all comes to driving and vehicle control and not how much money someone has.

We race in 6 classes namely A/SL (index between 12.00 and 12.99 sec.), B/SL (index between 13.00 and 13,99 sec.), C/SL (index between 14.00 and 14.99 sec.) and D/SL (index 15, 00sec. and slower). Than there are 2 classes for the advanced drivers namely SE (Street Eliminator) a Bracket class with indexes between 10.00 and 13,99 sec. and SM (Street Modified) for every vehicle faster than 12.00 sec. Every year there is also a Street Power Series Championship.


This proceed as follows in it’s operation. Every event that a driver wins delivers him/her points. For more information about the scoring, see scoring summary on this site. The rider that has the most points at the end of the season is the champion. The champion wins a number of things that are made available by the program sponsor.


Any person that supports legal streetracing on the dragstrip can become member of the Street Legal Drags program. This costs nothing and everyone gets a member pass sent at his/her home address (from 2013). This pass is personal and together with a valid driving licence it gives access to several benefits of the Street Legal Drags program offers. These benefits consist from example: discount on safety inspections as APK / MOT / TüV, discount on tuningparts etc. These benefits are provided by the program sponsors or partners of the Street Legal Drags program. Members are kept informed by us by email about all developments within the Street Legal Drags program as well as from our sponsors.


The Street Legal Drags program is a program that is distributed by the Dutch Hot Rod Association, along with the timing equipment from the Dutch Hot Rod Association you will be offered a complete package. This means that the program as a whole can be diminished by organizations. Depending on the event there is a prerequisite here. These conditions are mainly concerned with guarantees that its approachable for everybody and that the organization is arranged such that sufficient attention is paid to the racers.

The DHRA provides:

  • Timing equipment
  • Race control
  • Organisation of your event
  • Technical inspection
  • Officials for EDRS Championship participation

Combinations of these are of course also possible.


DHRA aims in the short term to have at least one event every month from April to September for one or two days. Some of these events will take place in Germany, others in the Netherlands or Belgium. In this way a driver can also measure forces against foreign drivers. In 2012 we started with the EDRS European Drag Racing Series. The fastest 50 drivers of each country will be invited to the next year to join the European Drag Racing Championship.  The only condition is that he/she is member of Street Legal Drags. This costs nothing and joining it is possible at the DHRA web site. Motto is a cosy weekend with friends and family and amusing, but especially safe racing. In addition to these larger events, it is also possible to arrange smaller Street Legal Drags races at local/regional level.