Cars need to be places besides the platform in the direction of start where the burnout spot is located.

Street Legal Drags is a programme that is organized by NHRA in the US and it focusses on street racers. Mainly in big cities the illegal races where a huge problem. Together with NHRA local authorities and the US army have set up the “Street Legal Drags” programme to move street racing to the drag strip. As a result the number of illegal street races have gone down significantly.

The US army (official sponsor of NHRA) was bothered a lot by streetracing GI’s in Europe, so they decided to bring “Street Legal Drags” to Europe and use it as a programme to entertain these GI’s and keep them of the street.


It doesn’t matter what car you drive, when it is APK or TUV approved, and you have a valid registration certificate and driving license, the car is allowed at the start for a thrilling game.

In 2001 the first games where held and German street racers seemed to be very interested in joining. This made us decide to spread the programme slowly through Europe as a legal alternative for street racing. Because of the friendly and open character of ‘race days’, the low threshold for entering and the good accompaniment of the participants, more and more racers are participating in ‘race days’ and it becomes more popular with both street racers and visitors.