The new rules are ready.

Because of the new layout we have published them as PDF Files. To open pdf files you need a reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader to have installed. You can download Adobe Reader (for free) on the following webiste: Adobe Homepage

Now there is a Quick Referance Chart available for the car rules.


Technical Rules A/B/C/D SL :
Technical Rules Street Eliminator:
Technical Rules Street Modified :
Technical Rules Wild Street:


Technical Rules Street Legal Bikes:
Technical Rules Street Modified Bikes:
Technical Rules Pro Street Bikes:
Technical Rules Factory Stock Bikes:


Sportive Rules:

Code of Honour

Respect yourself:

  • No Alcohol
  • No Drugs

Respect others:

  • No violence or threats
  • No vandalism or thefts
  • Differences of opinion should be solved on the strip only
  • Make sure your waste ends up in the trash cans and nowhere else

Respect safety:

  • Maximum speed in the pits, staging lanes and other areas outside the strip is 10 km/hour
  • No burnouts outside ‘the box’
  • Visitors need to stay behind the cordon
  • No donuts, slipping, or other stunts in the pits or on the strip
  • Follow the directions of the lane officials. Our only goal is to offer you a safe and fun programme for your hobby, please help us to achieve this goal.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated but mostly necessary. Ignoring the rules can result in exclusion from further participation or even removal from the area. Ignoring the rules multiple times can result in exclusion from future events of “Dutch Street Power Series” and “European Drag Racing Series”.

We are very serious in making the “Dutch Street Power Series” and “European Drag Racing Series” a fitting alternative for illegal street racing. This means that you are not exposed to the unnecessary risks of illegal street racing. If you are interested in a fun time, a number of runs on the quarter mile against any who in a competitive and safe and friendly environment, then you are ready for Operation: Street Legal.

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